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Class Level - Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

Phase 1– Beginner/Little learners
Phase 1 - Beginner/Little learners - $55Phase 2 - Transition/Hockey - $55Phase 3 - Expansion/Adult - $55

Jr. Club: Wednesdays - $75
On ice 6pm-7pm; Off ice 7pm-7:30pm

Expansion to Hockey
Expansion to Hockey - Tuesdays 5p-6pm $55.00

Makeup classes will be offered within both sessions as needed.

Learn To Skate!


Class Descriptions:

All classes meet once a week for one hour. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts.

  • Snowplow Sam 1-3 – For beginners ages 3 to 5.
  • Basic 1-6 – For beginners aged 6 to 18. Skaters start at Basic 1 and progress to higher levels as specific skills are mastered.
  • Adult 1-4 – For ages 18 & older.
  • Beginning Hockey – Fundamentals of hockey skating are taught without a stick or puck.
  • Expansion to Figure Skating: The primary focus is to strengthen critical skills and expand the skaters’ experience in preparation for the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field and Freeskate level. The skater will move from the expansion class to the Jr. Club program.*Skaters should take Expansion to Figure Skating prior to or simultaneously with Jr. Club.
  • Junior Club: (Tuesdays) $90.00
    Designed to prepare the skater for the US Figure Skating test structure. The class will utilize full ice and will combine M.I.F. and Freeskate elements. There will be a ½ hour off ice session to conclude and review the on ice practice.

Skater Discounts

Pre-register for your next session before the end of your current session and receive $5.00 OFF your registration. We will take $10.00 OFF the second and third skater in the same family.